A Word From Our Principal

Welcome to Pickwick Southside! Our school motto, “where every child is someone special” is a shared vision with all of our faculty and staff and is a driving force to ensure success for our students. Pickwick Southside strives to provide a family-like atmosphere. Having small classes enables our staff to know each student and meet their individual needs on a daily basis. It is a privilege to have your child as a member of our Southside family.

-Jennifer Burks, Principal at Pickwick Southside


Our Culture at Pickwick Southside

As a rural school just minutes from Pickwick Lake, we offer a vibrant, well-bonded culture.  We offer great stability for our students as we offer grades from Pre-K all the way to 8th grade before a student must transition.  We also have a wonderful teacher to student ratio and our classroom enrollments are smaller than average, offering a great learning environment in which our students create a great bond through their years at Pickwick Southside.  It also means our students have more opportunities to grow and lead whether it be in the classroom, in athletics, or in our range of clubs we offer.  Our parents also enjoy and appreciate the foundation and learning experience their children receive, and most of our teachers are passionate alumni.

Nested in Excellence

At Pickwick Southside, we teach our students to always strive for excellence.  By achieving new goals, completing milestones, and stretching for the next level of achievement, we are preparing our students to soar in success.  Our teacher to student ratio allows our teachers to nurture and develop our students in a way that isn’t possible at a larger school.  This responsibility isn’t taken lightly by our teachers, as they constantly challenge themselves to be well diversified in all subjects to give each and every student an advantage as they proceed from grade level to grade level.


Pickwick Southside Athletics


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Softball Team


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Basketball Teams



Our First Pep Rally and Eagle Walk of the 2022-2023 school year. During the Pep Rally, cheerleaders led the school in cheers and dances, cheerleaders, football and softball players were recognized, and all students had the opportunity to dance on the basketball court. At the end of the school day, students and teachers lined the hallways with decorated signs to support our cheerleaders, football players, and softball players as they began their seasons.

Success Stories

My name is Dr. Ronnie Fullwood and I graduated from Pickwick Southside High School in 1973. At that time, Pickwick South Side included grades 1 – 12, and I attended all 12 years in that wonderful rural school. What great memories! Since the school was quite small, we all were just like one big family and the very caring teachers there would often work with students one on one. I even remember some of my classmates in elementary school that would fall behind academically and they would go to the teachers’ home during the summer to “catch up” with their school work.

I recall a very dedicated science and math teacher in high school: Mrs. Lewell Lee, and how well she prepared me for my pre-med degree in college. Mrs. Lee could teach biology, chemistry, and trigonometry as well as any college professor anywhere in the country. I received a double BS Degree in biology and chemistry from Lambuth College in 1977. With my academic background from Pickwick Southside and Lambuth College, I was able to continue my studies and ultimately receive a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the University of Tennessee in 1981.

I currently practice dentistry in Selmer, Tennessee, raise black angus cattle on our family farm in Shiloh Tennessee, and after many years, continue to enjoy re-enacting Civil War history as a hobby.

Dr. Ronnie Fullwood (Dentist)

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