Our Curriculum

In Pre-K at Pickwick Southside, we use the Letter People Develop Inspire Grow Curriculum to prepare students to be successful in their educational journey. With the Letter People, we learn through eight different themes, with most of each containing four Letter People per theme. The eight topics are At School, All About Me, Our Community, Health and Nutrition, The Earth, Living Things, Science is Everywhere, and Technology in Our World. Throughout the units, we will learn skills in literacy, mathematics, science and social students. We will also focus on helping the students learn basic school skills, such as being a good listener and helping them learn to control their emotions.


We learn in hands-on and play centers, small groups, and large groups. Each morning, we start our day off with a whole group lesson and then the students play in various centers. Our classroom has an art center, a writing center, a math center, a library center, a puzzle center, a block center, and dress up center, a house keeping center, a fine motor center and iPad center. During these centers, students are pulled for small groups. We also get playtime either outside when the weather is nice or in our school’s little theater when the weather is not nice. Our Pre-K students get to go to five activities a week, which include Art/Music, Computers, Guidance, Library, and PE.

In the fall, we get to go visit a pumpkin patch, usually Falcon Ridge Farm in Toone, TN with the 5 other Pre-K classes in Hardin County. Students get to bring home a pumpkin to decorate with their families. This year, we got to watch a pig race and it was a blast! There are also some cool playgrounds, a corn box, and a several animals to pet!

a teacher showing a girl student Mr. Potato from toys story
students are playing with building blocks


With it being the first year that the majority of our students attend school, we expect them to learn the proper behaviors that they should display at school. We work on teaching them how to be a good listener and how important being a good listener is to helping them learn. We want them to leave Pre-K good listeners and be able to be engaged in learning. We also help children work on learning problem solving skills. This helps them learn how to be better friends in the future.

Parent Involvement

Each week, I send home a newsletter that is full of activities for parents to do at home with their children. The activities align with our letter of the week and the theme from the curriculum. The activity sheet gives them ideas on how to reinforce our classroom learning. Also, we require parents to attend parent meetings, such as Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences, Child Abuse Training, etc.


From the Teacher

Some of my enjoyable moments have been the ones in which I see children demonstrating the things I am teaching through their play during centers. Another set of enjoyable moments that I experience are when I see children working together to help each other learn. This happens with academic, school, and emotional skills. Getting pictures and crafts that students make me also bring joy into the day. And the most enjoyable moments are when the students come up and give me hugs and tell me “Thank you!”