Yearbook Club

As members of the yearbook staff at Pickwick Southside, we managed to have fun but also get a lot of work done. We are responsible for taking the pictures featured in the yearbook, most of social media, banquets, and slide shows. We have the privilege to attend all Pickwick Southside sporting events to capture the moments in front of us, also all the fun and important moments at school. We meet 2 times a week to go over the pictures that we have taken, and then plan for the next week. During our experience working with this club, we have gained knowledge and experience. Also, we were able to bond and strengthen our friendship. We work as one to come up with a fun, enjoyable yearbook for all ages and to have a way to show and look back at a great year.

Honor’s Club

Students with an academic average of 93 or higher are eligible to become members of the PWSS Middle School Honor’s Club. We strive to be our best in all areas and enjoy extra privileges that this membership grants the students. Some of these privileges include an end-of-year trip, leadership jobs, and group projects.

Student Council

The Student Council of Pickwick Southside is a leadership club consisting of members, and especially its officers, that exhibit strong, positive role model qualities. These qualities include showing respect to one’s self and to others, doing one’s best to keep grades up, attending meetings, and participating in club activities. It is an honor because members are elected by their peers.

Pickwick Southside Band

After completing band at Pickwick Southside, band members become active members of local high school band programs. 

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