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Tennessee Academic Standards
21CCLC Extended Learning Program
Many schools have high achieving students who score well on the standardized tests. A lot of schools have fabulous, caring, hardworking staff committed to the children. Some have ideal class sizes and aide support adding to student success. Few have inspired students who organized and motivated other students, faculty, and community members to come together for a volleyball even between students and staff that raised a lot of money to help a young student and his family who are struggling with complications from brain surgery. PWSS has all of this and more. We are proud to have a school with heart.
Martha Crawford (Kindergarten)
Pickwick Southside School is not just a school, but the heart and soul of this wonderful community.

My colleagues are dedicated and hard-working, both in the classroom and other capacities. I have been teaching here 30 years and have seen many of our students become successful business leaders, excellent health care workers, skilled workers, and moral, civic-minded leaders in their families and in their communities.

I am proud to be a teacher at Pickwick Southside School because Pickwick Southside is committed to the success of every child. My heart is full because I am a member of such an awesome school. Who wouldn’t love this job?

Lisa Mitchell

Library Highlight

Yearbook Club

As members of the yearbook staff at Pickwick Southside, we managed to have fun but also get a lot of work done. We were responsible for taking the pictures featured in the yearbook. We had the privilege to attend all Pickwick Southside sporting events to capture the moments in front of us. One of the ways we had fun was that we were asked to aid the Zoodles workers with their animals as we took pictures. During our experience working with this club, we have gained knowledge and experience. Also we were able to bond and strengthen our friendship.

Honor’s Club

Students with an academic average of 93 or higher are eligible to become members of the PWSS Middle School Honor’s Club. We strive to be our best in all areas and enjoy extra privileges that this membership grants the students. Some of these privileges include an end-of-year trip, leadership jobs, and group projects.

Student Council

The Student Council of Pickwick Southside is a leadership club consisting of members, and especially its officers, that exhibit strong, positive role model qualities. These qualities include showing respect to one’s self and to others, doing one’s best to keep grades up, attending meetings, and participating in club activities. It is an honor because members are elected by their peers.

Pickwick Southside Band

The Pickwick Southside Band consists of members from grades 6, 7, and 8.  The members play at the school Christmas Program. They also perform with the Hardin County Middle School Bands at both Christmas and Spring concerts. Advanced members are given the opportunity to be nominated for the University of Tennessee at Martin Honor Band and the University of North Alabama Honor Band. If chosen, they get to spend a weekend performing alongside band members from different schools and states. Band is extremely rewarding. After completing band at Pickwick Southside, band members become active members of either Hardin County High School or Adamsville High School band programs. If the correct foundation is laid, students can go to college on very generous scholarships.