6th - 8th Grade

Our Curriculum

In middle school at Pickwick Southside, students experience various academic standards based off of the TN Ready State Standards.  They experience project-based learning focused on challenging them to solve real world scenarios using their acquired math skills.

In math, we focus heavily on the algebraic side of the content such as math operations, rational numbers, and irrational numbers, with a small portion allocated towards the learning of geometric figures and functions.

Our science curriculum centers on projects and labs that require students to think critically in their processes of acquiring new knowledge in the field of biology.


The library is used as a source of finding information to help solve problems, and of course the Chromebooks provided by the school system is a key resource in creating many projects that will be assessed throughout the year.


We expect every child entering our classrooms to have a desire to learn. The student should be prepared to face challenges and work with his or her peers to solve problems that they could very well face later in life. Upon completion, we expect all students to have a work ethic that promotes self-motivated learning in all situations he or she may face.

Parent Involvement

  • We use the Remind Me App to keep parents updated on all activities and events.
  • We have a parent council that helps in the decision making processes at the middle school level.
  • We send home tri-weekly progress reports.
  • We have scheduled parent teacher conferences twice a year and an open door policy for parents to set up a conference whenever they have a concern.

From the Teachers

The most enjoyable moments in the classroom happen every day when we get to interact with our students. The interaction and creativity that come out of every student is warded with praise and acknowledgement by every middle school teacher. We also love to experience those moments of clarity when we know that our students have been working very hard on a subject and that moment of understanding and mastery finally shows on their work.

Pickwick Southside is a tight knit school. We are a family that feels for one another and comes to the aid of anyone in need at our school. The closeness also makes successes in the classroom even more enjoyable because as teachers we get to see the impact our school is making on the lives of all our students.

1:1 Access to Laptops

Our middle school students now have 1:1 access to laptops for classroom use. They also use Google Classroom and submit assignments online. We are so grateful that our students have such great access to technology.

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