2nd Grade

Our Curriculum

In 2nd grade students are challenged by a learning environment that offers longer and more complicated books than in 1st grade. They independently write more complex pieces, and they further develop critical thinking skill in Math. Students are expected to be eager learners.

Parent Involvement

Parents are instrumental in the educational process. Newsletters and additional resources are sent out each week to keep parents aware of what is going on in the classroom. Parents can help improve the learning experience by discussing the material with the child in a way that is warm and fun.

From the Teacher

Teaching is one of my biggest joys in life! This career is full of enjoyable experiences. My favorite part is when the students are allowed to use their creativity as a tool for learning. Creativeness is welcomed and valued within the classroom. We offer many projects that are inventive and imaginative.

I love teaching because it is a fun, creative outlet, for my passion of reading, writing, and learning. My work has a purpose, and my students constantly surprise me.

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