1st Grade

Our Curriculum

We like to refer to first grade as a discovery year. So many new skills and concepts are learned this year. The most exciting of all is that this is the year students blossom in reading. First grade is a crucial year in a child’s academics. Students learn phonics as well as comprehension strategies that enable them to grow as readers. We also focus on subjects such as math, language arts, science, and social studies.

In first grade we participate in many projects and activities to correlate with our curriculum. Hands- on, creative lessons are a must for little minds. It helps them to associate fun with learning. It also helps keep them focused and engaged from day to day.

Day-to-Day activities in First Grade at Pickwick Southside include:

  • Engaging stories to go with standards
  • Hands on lessons for all subjects
  • Manipulatives to use in Math
  • Computers and iPads accessible in classroom to reinforce learning
  • We also have an after-school program to provide extra resources.


Each child that enters this classroom is unique and special. We desire to teach each child on their level and provide differentiated instruction to meet each individual child’s needs.

Students are expected to come to school with a readiness to learn, treat each child and teacher kindly and with respect, and work together to accomplish their goals.

Parent Involvement

The first and most important teacher in a child’s life is their parents.  Reading, writing, and spending time together as a family is the best way to help your child grow and learn.  We have several opportunities for parents to attend school events and functions throughout the school year. We enjoy meeting and getting to know each family.

From the Teacher

My favorite and most enjoyable part of my job as a classroom teacher is helping and watching my students grow physically, emotionally, and academically. Each day is a new adventure with new challenges and victories. Each child is special in their own way and I love watching them figure things out for the first time. We call those “a ha” moments. Every child also works at his/her own pace. Some may understand and excel the first day, but for others it may take more time. It is rewarding to see each child discover and learn new things at his/her own pace using their own styles/techniques.

Pickwick Southside isn’t just a school with teachers, staff, and students. We are a family and a community who works together to praise each other when we succeed and lift each other up in times of struggle. We come together to put students first. They are the reason we are here. Being a first grade teacher is who I am. My students fill my heart with joy and challenge me to be the best version of myself I can be. It is by far on the best life choices I have made.

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